Help us (translators) help you

A lot of talks here at GUADEC are about communication between developers and newbies, technical writers, etc. As a translator I want to point out that it would be great if you remembered about us as well. And by “remember” I mean send a letter to gnome-i18n [at] and inform, that the strings are frozen and the deadline, for example:

Hi all,
in two weeks the next version of  next-best-thing will be released. This is a great time to update translations.

While most GNOME programs follow the 6 month cycle, the rest of them need to notify us. Many developers already do this (banshee, rhythmbox, gbrainy), but some don’t. The most noticeable example was the release of GIMP 2.8. I waited for years for it, and prepared for the string freeze, and then — out of the blue — it is released!

For those who think that translators should follow Damn Lies, this is not an answer, because:

  1. not all of the GNOME stuff is there (getting-things-gnome, inkscape);
  2. there is no point in translating active development branch where the strings come and go;
  3. it is far easier to translate 100 strings once than 10 strings 10 times.

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