Progress on i18n tasks since GUADEC in A Coruña

During the previous GUADEC, the i18n team prepared a to-do list for the following year. The year has passed, so it is time to review what has been done.

1) Module release calendar — won’t happen — lack of interest from developers.

Background: modules outside GNOME core (e.g., GNOME extras) lack fixed deadlines. To inform the l10n teams about the upcoming release, the developers could put the date of the release on some calendar, so the l10n team would know what to translate next.

2) Module priorities — done.

Previously new teams were presented with a huge list of modules in no particular order, so translators didn’t have a clue what to start on. Now the modules in damned-lies are grouped in order of priority.

3) When a language is supported — still at 80%, should be fixed.

Previously, for a language to be considered supported, 80% of strings had to be translated. The new proposal is to increase the required percentage of translations, but not to count the strings from less important modules (dev tools and such).

4) Drop docbook from Damned Lies — won’t happen — not a good idea.

Since documentation is moving to the Mallard format, it is almost pointless to translate documentation in the old format, since it will be rewritten anyway. But since we can not know when the day of rewriting will come, the old format will stay available.

5) Use word count instead of strings for statistics — done, kind of.

Word count statistics are more useful to determine the amount of time it will take to translate a module. But coverage is better represented by the number of translated strings. So both statistics are kept.

6) Improve Gtranslator — it’s being rewritten by GSoC student Marcos Chavarria Teijeiro.

7) Improve Damn Lies — not done — I am taking up implementing some features

The task couldn’t be less generic. Damn Lies has lost maintainers. I will try to fix some issues with it and hopefully will get to know the code well enough to be able to maintain it.

8) Determine when language team is inactive — not done yet.

9) Regular IRC meetings — should be reimplemented — to be organized by Gabor (?)

The i18n team should meet once a month to check up on progress.

10) Outreach — won’t happen — lack of possible mentors.

Participate in GSoC, GOPW and other such outreach programs for i18n infrastructure.

11) Tutorial for adding a new language code to glibc — should be done — Rudolfs is responsible.

Getting language support for GNOME is dependent on glibc support, therefore adding a language to it must be documented.

12) Define the responsibilities of coordinators — should be done.

The i18n team has coordinators, but they don’t have defined responsibilities.

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